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Privacy Policy for Customer Information of Wako Electronics

Wako Electronics Co., Ltd. might request personal information to the customers who visited our website, purchased our products, or contacted our personnel in charge of sales/products. This Privacy Policy defines the procedures under which Wako Electronics may collect and utilize personal information. For your better understanding of how Wako Electronics is handling information, including what information is being collected, for what and how it is used, to whom personal information is being disclosed, and how personal information is protected, please read through the Privacy Policy stated below. Wako Electronics respect customer's privacy and pays especially close attention to protect your privacy.

For What Personal Information Being Collected
Wako Electronics Co., Ltd. might collect personal information only for the purpose of providing services to customers. Utilizing such information allows you to make Wako Electronics products and services easily available.
Type of Information Being Collected
We, Wako Electronics, use the customer information to improve various services. On some occasions, for instance, at inquiry, consultation on the phone, or purchase of the products, we request you to provide us personal information, according to the situations, such as customer's name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and subjects of our services.
Disclosure of Personal Information
We, Wako Electronics, pay especially close attention to strictly protect customer's privacy. Wako Electronics will not sell or lend customers' contact information at all. However, Wako Electronics may provide some specific personal information to our business partners who provide the products and the services in place of Wako Electronics. Wako Electronics might be required to disclose customers personal information by any applicable law or legal process. Wako Electronics may also disclose personal information that are determined to be disclosed for national security, legal enforcement, and public interest.
Integrity of Personal Information
Wako Electronics takes protective measures to maintain precision and integrity of customer's personal information and store the latest information meeting the purposes of use. When Wako Electronics is directly and personally requested by a customer to disclose, correct, or delete it, or refuse to use or provide it, we will respond to such request within a reasonable range.
Company-wide Approach to Protect Privacy
Wako Electronics pays especially close attention to protect customer's privacy as stated above. For the purpose to ensure the security of customer's personal information, Wako Electronics provides the company's Privacy Guidelines to encourage all the company members to take thorough measures for the privacy security in the company.

September 1, 2020
Wako Electronics Co., Ltd.
Takumi Matsutani,
Representative of Director

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