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Environment ISO 14001

Assessment and Registration Body ASR Co.,Ltd.
Registration No.E0761
Date of Initial RegistrationOctober 25, 2001
ISO 14001

Environmental Policy

We make our best efforts to conserve the global environment by implementing environmental management complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Arrangements of Environmental Policy

a)Environmental management appropriate for our manufacture activities, our production scale, and the environmental impact.
b)Positive promotion of saving resources, saving energy, and recycling to reduce waste.
c)Constant improvement to prevent pollution.
d)Compliance with the requirements under environmental regulations and codes, as well as the requirements of customers we agreed, relevant industries, and local communities we agreed, for environmental conservation.
e)Establishment and review of our "Environment Program" every mid/long term and fiscal year and establishment of annual "Environmental Goals" for materialization.
f)Research, development, and designing taking account of the environment.
g)Promotion of environmental education to all the people who work at our company or work for our company to improve their consciousness on environmental conservation.
h)Disclosure of our "Environmental Policy" to make it available to public.

Scope of Application

Company Name Site(Address) Activity,Products and Service
Wako Electronics Co., Ltd. Gojo Factory
958 Okacho Gojo-shi, Nara Japan
・Design, Development and Manufacture of Themostat Switches, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Switches, and Burst Valves (Mainly for Use in Household Appliances, OA, and Gas Apparatuses, etc.)
Gose Factory
380 Tamade Gose-shi, Nara Japan
・Design, Development and Manufacture of Themostat Switches, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Switches, and Burst Valves (Mainly for Use in Automobiles)
・Design, Development and Fabrication of Production & Inspection Equipment for Thermostat Switches, Pressure Switches, Temperature Sensors, and Pressure Sensors, as well as Other Manpower-/Labor-saving Equipment

Quality ISO 9001

Assessment and Registration Body ASR Co.,Ltd.
Registration No. Q2051
Date of Initial Registration December 24, 2002
ISO 9001

Quality Objectives

Provide products which respond to customer's confidence and needs.

Quality Policy

1.Establishment of the Quality Management System in which all workers can participate for the improvement in the quality assurance and the customer satisfaction.
2.Promotion of timely providing of information.
3.Activities to observe safety standards and regulations and satisfy customers' requirements.
4.Improvement in our design quality to make the product quality more stable.
5.Arrangement of facilities and environment for the product quality assurance.
6.Education and training to the employees to improve their consciousness for "Quality" and "Creativity".
7.Reduction of in-process defect and customer complaints.
8.Internal quality audit and management review for constant improvement in effectiveness of the quality management system.

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