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Bimetallic ThermostatCT-7


Water-proof Thermostat

Thermostat with a water-proof lead for applications at low to medium temperature.It is suitable for use in wet areas and anywhere else likely to build up condensation.Quick thermal sensing equivalent to a general thermostat, enabled by the structure where the heat sensing surface to transfer heat to the bimetals is designed to tightly contact with the heating media.

Dimensional Drawing

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Approved by:

UL Compliant
VDE Compliant
CSA Compliant


Commercial freezer-refrigerator
Snow melting machine
Anti-freeze system for outside equipment

Feature 1

We will offer the lead in your desired length and type, if necessary.

Feature 2

It can be also used in applications in a frost environment such as an ice maker and a defrost device.

Feature 3

[Microcurrent type]


Type Single pole - single throw
Rated Current AC125 10A
AC250V 5A

[Microcurrent type(CT-7L)]
AC250V/DC24V or less
200mA or less
Resistive load
Operating Temperature -20〜110°C
Automatic Reset Temperature Any value can be specified within the range that satisfies the differential.
Differential 8deg or more
Standard 15〜25deg
Temperature Tolerance ±3°C or more(Standard : ±5°C)
Endurance 10,000 cycles or more
Dielectric Strength In water: AC1,500V 1 minute
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ or more(DC 500V)
Circuit Resistance 50mΩ or less
Heat Resistance 110°C

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