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Bimetallic ThermostatCH-15, CH-152

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High Capacity, High Temperature, Compact Thermostat

This is the ceramic body type of the CS-7 type.Thanks to its ceramic casing, this model shows excellent heat resistance, and thus it is suitable for installation and use under high temperature atmosphere.

Dimensional Drawing

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Approved by:

UL Compliant
(CH-15, CH-152)
CUL Compliant
(CH-15, CH-152)
VDE Compliant
(CH-15, CH-152)
JET Compliant
(CH-15, CH-152)
CSA Compliant
(CH-15, CH-152)
TUV Compliant
(CH-15, CH-152)
SEMKO Compliant
SAA Compliant
CQC Compliant


Drinking water dispenser
Electric kettle
Oil fan heater

Feature 1

The ceramic is used for the body.It corresponds to the high temperature area by the same size as the CS-7 type.

Feature 2

The CH-152 is only 2mm taller than CH-15 types.

Feature 3

Microcurrent type

Feature 4

The terminals, caps, and attachment fittings, have a standard specification.The best specifications can be selected.


Type Single pole - single throw
Rated Current AC125V 15A    DC12V 10A
AC250V 10A    DC24V 5A

[Microcurrent type(CH-15L)]
AC250V/DC24V or less
200mA or less
Resistive load
Subject to limitations under the safety standards.
Operating Temperature Any temperature up to 280°C can be specified.
Subject to limitations under the safety standards.
Automatic Reset Temperature Any value can be specified within the range that satisfies the differential.
Differential Operating temperature
100°C or more : 10deg or more
100°C or more : 10% or more
Temperature Tolerance Operating temperature
150°C or less : ±5°C or more
150°C or more : ±5% or more
Endurance 10,000 cycles
Dielectric Strength AC1,500V 1min
AC1,800V 1sec
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ or more(DC 500V)
Circuit Resistance 50mΩ or less
Heat Resistance 200°C

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