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Bimetallic ThermostatB-1, HB-1

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Compact, High Capacity, High Temperature (HB-1), One Shot Type Thermostat

The design is dedicated to one shot on the basis of the the CS-8.Enabling space-saving installation, it can be used mainly in substitution of thermal cut-off.It is designed to be used in the applications in a wide range of temperature from low temperature to high temperature.

Dimensional Drawing

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Approved by:

UL Compliant
CUL Compliant
CSA Compliant
TUV Compliant


Microwave oven
FF space heater
Oil fan heater
Kitchen garbage processor

Feature 1

One shot type thermostat developed on the basis of the CS-8. It can function only once and will no longer be reset after functioned, same as a thermal cut-off.

Feature 2

Any desired operating temperature can be specified, while a thermal cut-off has only the finite operating temperature. It is more excellently resistant against age deterioration in high temperature atmosphere, compared to a thermal cut-off.

Feature 3

Space-saving installation is enabled. HB-1 with a ceramic casing can be also used in applications in high temperature areas.


Type Single pole - single throw
Rated Current [B-1]
AC125/250V 15A

AC125/250V 16A
Resistive load
Operating Temperature Any temperature up to 150°C (280°C for HB-1) can be specified.
Temperature Tolerance ±5°C or more
Endurance 1shot
Dielectric Strength AC1,500V 1min
AC1,800V 1sec
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ or more(DC 500V)
Circuit Resistance 50mΩ or less
Heat Resistance 150°C
(HB-1 200°C)

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